West Coast, Rocky Mountain Wine & Culinary Festivals

Wine and Food connoisseurs take note. The West Coast and Rocky Mountains deliver spectacular views and food and wine festivals that will keep you coming back year after year. Whether you are making it a romantic weekend for two, a group event or even a family outing these festivals will not disappoi... Keep Reading

Insider’s Guide to Canada’s Best Mountain Festivals

Summer in Western Canada, particularly in the mountains, is nothing short of spectacular. At this time of year mountains, well known for their winter adventures, turn into the backdrop for festivals of all kinds. The Banff Summer Arts Festival takes place on weekends from mid-June to end of August. ... Keep Reading

To Die For: Award-Winning Spa Resorts in Canada

Two meters through the door your shoulders begin to drop and the muscles in your forehead release. It only gets better from here as the staff at some of Canada's top Spas pamper you and bring you into a space of wellness and relaxation. Whether the spa itself is the reason for the destination or it ... Keep Reading

Amazing Facts on Some of Canada’s Top Resorts

If you’re looking for some activities with a bit of the past embedded in them, Western Canada has many historical mysteries to sleuth through. Imagine transporting yourself back in time and experiencing the thrill of stepping over the line of the law without actually doing it. The Prohibition era ... Keep Reading

Canada’s Most Memorable Family Summer Escapes

Days spent packing lunches, rousing the troops for another day of school and sorting through the mismatched socks for just one pair deserve to be replaced with a family vacation that lets all of you forget, laugh and play. Many of us fondly remember those special occasions when the whole family brea... Keep Reading

Gehringer Brothers Yields Successful Icewine Harvest

Outside the window, plump snowflakes spill from the sky in the spotlight of a street lamp. With an ear-shattering shriek, our animated three-year old races through the house with her 22-month old cousin in hot pursuit. Their tiny feet rhythmically drum against the hardwood floor. Amidst the loud lau... Keep Reading

Local Favourites and Top Things to Do in Canmore

In our Google-search addicted world of endless choices, planning a vacation can be both wonderfully convenient and a time-consuming headache. Flights need to be selected and booked, accommodations researched and confirmed. Finally, driven by the intention to have a flawless, unforgettable getaway, y... Keep Reading

Play Like a Kid in B.C.’s Interior

A faded-red, dinghy-sized boat putters while waiting in the glassy lake. In the warm water behind the old boat, an ten-year old boy bobs in a red life vest. With trepidation, his small hands clench the handle. “Ok, Pete, we’re ready to go,” shouts the driver, an affable guy with a podgy belly ... Keep Reading

Revelstoke’s Got Big Summer Appeal

Other than the soft bumbling of bees and sweet chirping of Black-capped Chickadees, it’s completely quiet on the mountain. A wisp of a white cloud tickles the flawless blue sky, as if swept with a feather. Lodgepole pine, spruce, Douglas fir and aspen trees line the deserted ski runs. An immature ... Keep Reading

Up Close With a Grizzly: Tales of a Hiking Guide in the Rockies

In place of irksome weekly staff meetings, you encounter black bears foraging for food and mountain goats skittering along cliff ledges. Imagine a life where the outdoors is your office. Instead of a laptop computer and an iPhone as your trusted companions, your posse consists of soaring mountain p... Keep Reading