Top 10 reasons to book LeaveTown

1Best price guarantee

We guarantee the best price on your stay. Find a lower rate? We’ll match it.

2Free cancellation

Our hassle-free cancellation policy gives you total peace of mind. Just cancel within the listed date on your reservation, and no fee will be charged.

3LeaveTown-approved properties

All our properties are fully verified by our LeaveTown team and supported by our guest and TripAdvisor reviews.

4Online concierge

We’ll guide from rental selection to booking. Click here to chat with a LeaveTown expert.

5Stay Longer & Save

Go ahead and add a day, or make it a long weekend getaway. The longer you stay with us, the more you save.

6Powered by travel pros

LeaveTown is powered by travel experts, destination gurus, and passionate locals committed to making your vacation great.

7Exclusive VIP packages

Look for our VIP special offers and signature packages.

8Ultimate travel guides

Ultimate travel guides and travel advice are always at your fingertips.

9Canadian-owned and operated

LeaveTown is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, with destination experts across Canada.

10Outstanding value

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