5 Digital Detox Vacations That Will Cure your Tech-Hangover

Are you suffering from a tech-hangover? Here are 5 stunning destinations in Western Canada for a liberating digital detox vacation.

It seems like there are hardly any places left where you can go and not be disturbed by some sort of technology.
Many of our lives revolve around technology, as our phones and computers are constantly receiving notifications that connect us to both our jobs and our social lives. No wonder many people are suffering from what we’re calling a “tech-hangover”. Common symptoms include….. Just kidding. But did you know that many of us on average spend 9 hours a day looking at a screen?
So in light of this somewhat scary statistic, we’ve compiled our top destinations where you can disconnect with your cellphones, and reconnect with yourself and your family. These Western Canada destinations are sure to be the perfect base for you to do exactly just that.

Baker Creek Mountain Resort

Baker Creek Mountain Resort
Located between Banff and Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Baker Creek Mountain Resort is surrounded by stunning Canadian Rocky Mountain vistas. With no Wi-Fi on-site, and no cellphone service, Baker Creek Mountain Resort is the definition of a digital detox. Instead, enjoy visiting some of Canada’s most prized jewels in the National Park, observe wildlife and sit around the resort’s campfires as you create valuable, lasting moments with your family and yourself.

Desolation Sound Resort

Desolation Sound Resort Private Hot Tub
Stay in one of these beautiful cabins at Desolation Sound Resort in Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park. It’s a perfect place to sit out on your balcony and watch for wild marine life as they swim on by. It’s also a perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and get that much needed digital detox. There are many hiking and walking trails nearby, and it’s easy to find yourself exploring the little coves and nooks along the coast. Desolation Sound Resort provides its guest with free kayak and canoe rentals so you can even further explore the coastline yourself and make those memories you’ll never forget. While there is Wi-Fi in the resort’s business centre, there is no Wi-Fi in the rooms as well as limited to no cell service.

Emerald Lake Lodge

Emerald Lake Lodge
Probably the most photographed resort in Banff National Park, Emerald Lake Lodge is set amongst a landscape that is sure to leave you breathless. It nestles the shores of the pristine Emerald Lake, and has a full mountain panorama on display. There are no shortage of outdoor activities here neither. It’s a year-round destination great for hiking and kayaking in the summer, and cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in the winter. The rustic accommodation itself is perfect for a digital detox, connecting you back with the old-way of life and instantly makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the everyday tech-driven world. While there is Wi-Fi in the main lodge, there isn’t any connection in the suites – and with a view like this no one in your family will care to spend time in the main lodge.

WYA Point Resort

Yurts at WYA Point
Neighbouring of Vancouver Island’s stunning West Coast, WYA Point Resort in Ucluelet boasts the ultimate tech-free ‘glamping’ experience. Their yurts have no Wi-Fi and provide quick access to the resort’s private beach. Spend your days watching the waves crash along the shores, and soak in the pure beauty of Vancouver Island’s coast rainforest. One sure way to discover the natural surroundings is to explore Pacific Rim National Park – walking along long beach and admiring the beauty of The Broken Group Islands, or hiking the stunning West Coast Trail.

Castle Mountain Chalets

Remote and Beautiful Castle Mountain Chalets
These rustic chalets at Castle Mountain in Banff National Park are for those not quite ready to go through a full digital detox. The chalets are set amongst a peaceful forest backdrop and so close to so many great outdoor adventures however, guests will have cellphone service and satisfactory Wi-Fi. Castle Mountain is a fabulous way to immerse yourself in the outdoors without having to go cold turkey from your cellphone and everything else! Plus, the kids might appreciate the compromise a little more.

Are you ready to unplug?

All of the above destinations are there for you when you’re ready to finally get away from technology. No more computers, no more cellphones, no more work! Just you, your loved ones and beautiful Canada will leave you with something a little more memorable than those silly pictures your cousin shares on Facebook. If you’re ready to get to know your unplugged self, give our Destination Experts a call at 1.877.902.1616 or visit our Leavetown website to search for accommodations in your desired destination.