Why Revelstoke’s Epic Mountain Bike Trails are in Huge Demand!

Revelstoke is an epicentre for outdoor activity, from everything to skiing, snowmobiling, hiking and mountain biking. In particular, Revelstoke’s mountain biking trails are in high demand, and it’s easy to see why…

More and more mountain bikers are setting their sights on Revelstoke. That’s because the epic mountains surrounding this town are filled with heart-pounding alpine rides, super-technical terrain and white-knuckle rollercoaster descents, putting Revelstoke mountain biking in high demand.
These trails offer some incredibly unique challenges. Plus, a strong community of hardcore mountain bikers in the local area is also helping develop even more amazing terrain to ride.

Different season; different mountain biking adventures

The mountain biking experience in Revelstoke changes with the seasons.
Tackle the curving trails within the inland rainforest during the spring, where you can weave between mammoth trees while blasting through mud. As the temperature warms up in late June, the snow-melt allows better access to alpine paths. These routes serve up thrilling descents and unique slab-rock terrain.
Whether you visit Revelstoke in the spring, summer or fall, there will be plenty of trails ready for you.

Strong mountain biking community in Revelstoke

Revelstoke is home to a devoted group of like-minded riders who help to maintain and develop the area’s awesome trail system. The Revelstoke Cycling Association has been building legally sanctioned trails in the region since 1998. And since then, the area has been making a name for itself in mountain biking circles.
Local businesses are also contributing to the trail system. For example, Sol Mountain Backcountry Lodge has developed about 10 kilometres of track surrounding their property. The terrain offers something for both intermediate and new riders.
And if you’re hunting for a route in Revelstoke to put your wheels on, check out our list of mountain biking trails below:

1. Frisby Ridge Trail

This is a purpose-built trail that was created by bikers, for bikers — it’s also one of two high-alpine cross country mountain biking trails in Revelstoke. It is very easily accessible and it makes for a great introduction to the exciting mountain biking that Revelstoke has to offer.
The climb begins with a gentle low-gradient pedal down a smooth single-track trail designed for mountain bikes. Once you reach the top, you will enjoy the expansive views of the rocky peaks with plenty of opportunities to stop and take photos. The descent back to the parking lot is a thrilling, fast-flowing adventure!
Bikers will come across two viewpoints: one just past the halfway point which looks over the town of Revelstoke, and another at 7.2km that looks west over the Monashee Mountains. If you ride up to Frisby Mountain’s high point, take the descent for about 2km and you’ll reach a beautiful alpine lake,
Head west from the town of Revelstoke on Highway 1. Turn right onto Westside Road and drive for approximately 8km. Turn left at the junction onto Frisby Ridge Road. Frisby Ridge is located 3.5 kilometres past the Boulder Mountain parking area. Turn left when you see the “Y” in the road at the parking area. Tip: come in a high clearance 2-wheel drive vehicle at minimum.
Distance: 12.9km one way
Technical rating: Intermediate
Elevation: 1,330 m at parking lot to 2,030 m at highest point

2. Eagle Pass Mountain Trail

The Eagle Pass Mountain Trail is a rugged hike-a-bike adventure that is short but thrilling. Scenic Eagle Pass was the chosen route of the Canadian Pacific Railway over the towering, craggy Monashees and it divides the Columbia River drainage basin from that of the Fraser River.
Start with a 6km hike to the summit of Eagle Pass Mountain, where you will be rewarded with jaw-dropping views in all directions – offering a different perspective on some of Revelstoke’s postcard-famous peaks.
The exhilarating 6km downhill ride will have you clutching your handlebars as you speed through the rocky terrain. It’s an easy ride in some parts, but there are quite a few challenging areas! Watch out for the enormous rock slabs surrounding the pathway.
Follow Highway 1 West of the town of Revelstoke and drive until you reach the Crazy Creek FSR. Drive for 8.5 km until you reach a Y in the road. Take the left turn and follow that road for 5km as you climb toward the trailhead. The trailhead for Eagle Pass Mountain Trail and Twin Lakes Trail are at the same location. Be prepared: this is very remote backcountry and grizzly habitat.
Distance: 6km
Technical rating: Easy/Moderate

3. Sol Mountain Lodge Trails

Sol Mountain Lodge Trails are a new alpine trail network, developed by a wilderness lodge known for its incredible ski touring. The lodge offers alpine single-track mountain biking just south of Revelstoke, deep in the wild Monashee Mountains.
These tracks offer lots of technical slab rock and they will take you through beautiful alpine meadows. There are more than 10km of mountain biking terrain surrounding the lodge and a great deal of it can be rode in either direction. And that means there’s huge potential for plenty of thrilling rides.
If you are a beginner or a family travelling with kids, there are some simple and easy short tracks in the lodge meadow that will get you started. For thrill-seekers, there are intermediate and difficult tracks to be found here as well.
To get there, drive south from Revelstoke onto Highway 23. Before the ferry launch at Shelter Bay, turn right onto the Shelter Bay FSR. Take the 35.5 km drive to the North Fosthall Road. The road is well marked with “Sol” signage.
Distance: More than 10km of trail surrounding the lodge
Technical rating: Easy/Moderate

4. Martha Creek Trail

Martha Creek Trail is a pretty mountain track that starts slow, then offers an adrenaline rush all the way to the lake at the bottom. This scenic ride will take your breath away with views of alpine lakes, glaciers, mountain peaks and the Columbia River flowing below.
Begin your ride by biking through lovely alpine meadows and enjoying the peaceful pace. As soon as the meadows end, the route picks up speed as you hurtle down through an old growth forest. The lower section of the exciting 1400m descent offers plenty of challenging rocks and roots to test your skills.
At the end of the trail, you can soothe your tired muscles with a refreshing swim in Lake Revelstoke at the Martha Creek campground.
The Martha Creek Descent can be accessed from the Sale Forest Service Road. To get there, drive 20 km down Highway 23, pass the Martha Creek Provincial Campground, then continue 15 km further along the road until you reach the Hydro Towers. The drive up is difficult and will require a vehicle with four wheel drive.
Distance: 9.4km
Technical rating: Difficult
Elevation: Starts at 2100 m and drops to 650 m


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