Take a Wild Ride on the Sasquatch Zipline in Whistler

This week, some of our Leavetown team headed up to Whistler to check out the famous Sasquatch Zipline, which boasts over 2km of ziplining thrills that take you on a soaring adventure above the Fitzsimmons Valley.

How many of you at one point wished you were a bird – if only for a day? Perhaps fantasized about how nice it would be to just up and fly away at any given moment. High above the ground, it’s just you, the breeze, and the views.
Well, myself and fellow adventure seeker from Leavetown, Tiffany, recently had the opportunity to fly down Ziptrek’s famous Whistler Sasquatch zipline – the longest zipline in Canada & the U.S. Spanning 2.2 kms, this wild ride was unlike anything I had ever experienced. If you’re visiting Whistler, the Sasquatch zipline is a must. It will have you feeling like you’re an eagle soaring over the Fitzsimmons Valley. All your busy thoughts will escape your mind as you glide over the beautiful Whistler landscape.

Preparing for our Ziplining Adventure

Driving up to Whistler from Vancouver, I didn’t feel nervous at all for the adventure ahead of me. It was a beautiful sunny day, and cruising up the Sea to Sky highway, we had astonishing clear views of the snow covered mountains, the calm and glistening ocean, and we even came across a lone buck crossing the road. I had never been ziplining before, but heights or adrenaline pumping activities had never made me nervous: I was confident and I was excited.
We had a 10:30 tour time, which allowed for easy parking and a quiet stroll through beautiful Whistler Village as we approached the base of the Blackcomb Mountain. Upon arrival, you are immediately met with the Ziptrek orange tent where you check-in. As an insider’s tip: stowing your bags in a locker and filling out the Ziptrek waiver online beforehand vastly expedites this process. Ziptrek has no storage options once you are at the ziplining takeoff point, and you definitely don’t want to be jetting over the Fitzsimmons Valley with your purse or backpack over your shoulder – goodbye credit cards and driver’s license! It’s a 600 ft. drop and nobody’s going down there to recover any lost items.

Incredible Footage of our Zipline

To bring the activity truly to life, Tiffany and I made sure to document our experience to share with all of you. Play the video below, and get a window into our journey up to Whistler, and the descent down the 2.2 km trek:


I Conquered the Sasquatch!

Conquering the Sasquatch zipline was exhilarating, and felt like an adventure worth sharing. Like I mentioned, I had never been ziplining before and may never have done if I had not been granted this opportunity – but I am so glad I did, and here’s why:

  • The Sasquatch is a 2.2 km zipline that spans the Fitzsimmons Valley, a beautiful region sprawling over Blackcomb Mountain full of cedar trees, and home of the Fitzsimmons Creek
  • You can reach speeds up to 130 km/h, which is absolutely incredible and oddly enough, very refreshing! When you’re zipping along, it feels like you’re cruising down the highway in a convertible with the top down
  • The opportunity to be 600+ feet up in the sky, and experiencing what it’s like to be a bird for those 2 minutes that you’re flying along
  • The amazing pride and excitement you feel once you convince yourself to step off the edge of the starting base. Peering off the balcony can turn your stomach into knots, but it takes a millisecond to forget that you were ever afraid in the first place
  • Did we mention the views?

However, before we can confidently recommend any thrill seeker to embark on this journey there are a few things we have to recommend:

  • Don’t forget to lock your bags in one of Whistler’s lockers-to-rent. This is a must. Once you set off on the ski lifts up to the zipline base, there’s no chance to leave your bags or other valuable items behind. At this point, they’re taking the ziplining journey with you
  • Do yourself a favour and make sure you use the bathroom beforehand. Like I mentioned before, you’re cruising at over 100 km/h and 600+ ft. off the ground, and there’s no washrooms along the way!
  • If you are afraid of heights, consider this a challenge worth conquering. Ziplining is safe, and a sure way to face your fears head on with very little repercussions. However, if you are deathly afraid of heights to the point where it makes you nauseous just thinking about being off the ground, perhaps look to a different activity
  • Pack that GoPro or Sony Action Cam because you’re going to want the flight on film. In saying that, make sure you have some sort of strap or harness, something that will undoubtedly keep that valuable piece of equipment attached to your body.

Don’t miss the chance to let go of your fears and conquer the Sasquatch. You’ll feel so free and liberated while you’re up and above the valley, and it’ll be a memory that will stick with you for life. You’ll be able think back to your younger self who wondered what it was like to be a bird, and know exactly what it was like. And maybe The Sasquatch isn’t the right one for you, but there are plenty of different ziplines to choose from, for all levels of comfort.

You can book your ride on the Sasquatch right here!

Book your Sasquatch ride here, or give our Destination Experts a call if you’d like to know more about ziplining in Whistler! You can reach us 7 days a week at 1.877.902.1616.
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