Why You Need to Visit Desolation Sound Resort

Desolation Sound Resort offers coastal cabins on the shores of the warmest waters north of Mexico, and incredible water adventures such as kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving and the opportunity to spot wild marine life.

It’s hard to know exactly where to begin when naming the reasons why Desolation Sound Resort is a must-visit vacation spot for anyone travelling in British Columbia. The area’s lush coastal forest is breathtaking, and the rugged coastline is full of opportunities for exploring secret little coves and isolated viewpoints to look out over the ocean while the sun sets.
But beyond the beautiful scenery, Desolation Sound Resort offers ocean adventures in the warmest waters north of Mexico, coastal cabins, and the chance to watch wild marine life.


Desolation Sound Resort - Chalet 10
The cabin rentals at Desolation Sound Resort are surrounded by stunning coastal forest, yet also feature peaceful views over the Strait of Georgia. Walking out to the chalet’s private balcony and listening to the ocean ebb and flow against the coastline becomes a morning routine here. The forested landscape provides comfortable privacy for a digital detox getaway but you’re never too far away from the resort’s business centre where there’s Wi-Fi, cell coverage, and laundry services.
Each cabin comes with a fully-equipped kitchen and living area. Some even provide fireplaces and private hot tubs on the deck that overlooks the ocean. Guests are never more than a few minutes walk away from the resort’s private beach where activities include kayaking, canoeing, fishing – or lounging!
Though if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, there is a great network of easily accessible hiking trails that will let you explore the coastline in a whole new way. Stumble upon hidden lookout points and view the ocean from a completely different perspective. In fact, why not pack a lunch and set out on a journey to find BC’s best picnic spot?
Desolation Sound Resort is truly a magical place to visit in BC…


Desolation Sound Resort - Kayaker
Desolation Sound Resort is the perfect home base for exploring this incredible, unique destination. The resort provides free canoe and kayak rentals for all their visitors, which makes it easy for you and your family or friends to hop into boats and explore the rugged coastline.
The shallow waters provide ample opportunity to view what lies beneath the surface, like marine life that’s difficult to see in deeper waters. Think colourful fish, starfish, sea urchins, crabs and sea plants. The incredibly warm waters make it an ideal place for travellers who would like to scuba dive, swim or snorkel next. For visitors who prefer to take in the sights by boat, there’s more than 60km of shoreline to explore, which makes the possibilities for discovering coves and inlets almost endless! The cherry on top is the Coastal Mountain Range that sets a dramatic backdrop to Desolation Sound.


Aerial view of Desolation Sound
There are many unbelievable sights to witness in and around Desolation Sound Marine Provincial Park. However, given its remote location and many isolated islands, it’s may not be as simple as getting there by car. Luckily, local residents and companies offer their services to help travellers get around by offering a wide range of tours.
You can book trips to explore hidden swimming holes on isolated islands, or visit prime marine wildlife habitats. You’ll spot seals basking in the sun among the rocks, and bioluminescence sparkling in the ocean at night – a sight rarely seen worldwide! In fact, as the islands are free from light pollution, Desolation Sound is a marvelous place to discover at night. The sky shines incredibly bright, and many have seen meteor showers like never before, depending on the time of year.
On top of all of that, there’s a handful of whale watching tours that can easily be booked. Stumble upon a pod of killer whales or a travelling grey whale as they make their way through the ocean.



Whether you’re looking for a great place for a family vacation or the next best vacation spot in BC, Desolation Sound Resort delivers on all fronts. It’s just a 45 minute float plane or 5 hour drive away from Vancouver, and both routes provides incredible west coast views. If you’d like to book your Sunshine Coast vacation, take a look at our Desolation Sound Resort listing. Or, call our Destination Experts at 1.877.902.1616 who can answer any further questions about Desolation Sound and its accommodation options. They’re available 7 days a week!