4 Reasons to Add the Canadian Rockies to Your Bucket List

From turquoise rivers set against a backdrop of snowy peaks to unbelievable wildlife, the Canadian Rockies set themselves apart as some of the most spectacular mountains in the world. Here are 4 ways that the Canadian Rockies distinguish themselves on a global scale.

The Rocky Mountains are a world-famous mountain range that runs from western North America to New Mexico. Located in British Columbia and Alberta, the Canadian Rockies are known for their high peaks, many of which are protected by National and Provincial Parks.
For travellers looking to escape to the mountains, the Canadian Rockies should feature at the top of your Bucket List!
While the Canadian Rockies are recognized on a global scale, you might be wondering how they compare to similar mountain ranges. Our guest contributor, Emerald Chadwick, will take a look into 4 ways that the Canadian Rockies set themselves apart as some of the BEST mountains in the world!

World-Class Ski Resorts


Skiing at Sun Peaks in BC


Canada is home to world-renowned ski resorts, the most famous being Whistler Blackcomb. This amazing resort boasts the largest ski area in the country and offers the Peak2Peak Gondola – the longest and highest gondola in the world! However, some of the BEST alpine skiing is located further East, in the Canadian Rockies.
Big-name ski destinations in BC include Revelstoke, Big White, Kimberley and Silver Star. In Alberta, three legendary ski areas can be found around Banff, including beautiful Lake Louise and Sunshine Village Ski Resorts.
Compared to ski areas in the popular French and Swiss Alps, the Canadian Rockies offer a relatively serene mountain environment. There are several opportunities to escape the crowds! The Rockies also experience more snowfall than resorts in Europe. The Great White North is tough to beat when it comes to extreme mountain sports.
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Pristine Lakes and Rivers


Gorgeous Moraine Lake in Alberta


Wild rivers and pristine lakes are notable features of the Canadian Rockies. Lake Louise sits at the top of the list, and is considered one of the most famous lakes in the world!
Glacier-fed Lake Louise is a popular destination but it’s only one of several beautiful lakes in the Rockies. The thrashing rivers, canyons and waterfalls along the famed Icefields Parkway are also worth exploring.
The glacial rivers and lakes in the Canadian Rockies shine a striking turquoise hue, much like what you’d see in Slovenia’s Soca River. When compared to Slovenia, however, the bodies of water in the Canadian Rockies are set against a backdrop of majestic mountains.

Unbelievable Heights


Fat-Tire Biking in the Rockies

Looking to experience the world on another level? If so, the Canadian Rockies are certainly worth a visit! Mount Robson, the highest point in the Canadian Rockies, is a jaw-dropping 3,954 meters above sea level and Mount Columbia is at 3,747.
While the Colorado Rockies boast several “fourteeners” (or mountains of 4000m tall), the jagged peaks and wide, glacier-carved valleys are distinguishing features of the Canadian Rockies. In Alberta, Lake Louise Village is recognized for being the highest village in Canada at around 1,600m!
In comparison, Daydreaming in Paradise discusses some of the best mountains in tropical countries like the Philippines, where the highest mountains peak at 2,954 meters above sea level.

Natural Wildlife


Check out the wildlife


The Canadian Rockies are a hotspot for viewing all kinds of wildlife! Known as Bear Country, there’s a chance you’ll spot one of these beasts if you’re hiking the less popular trails during spring and summer. It’s also likely that you’ll spot bears wandering along the highways and roads in the mountains, though of course, these large animals should always be left alone.
Winter is also a great time for viewing wildlife. As noted by Dreaming and Wandering, many animals like elk, deer, mountain goats, cougars and caribous move to lower elevations during the cold months.
On the other side of the world, the Himalayas offer fascinating wildlife like yak, musk deer and the red panda. However, these are much harder to spot when walking along the busy and established teahouse trails.

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