Incredible Craft Breweries in Western Canada

Here in Western Canada, we are lucky to have access to tons of craft breweries offering up delicious small batch brews – making it an easy decision to support local businesses while enjoying your favourite drink. Planning on visiting some breweries soon? Here is a list of our top picks in our Leavetown destinations.

There’s something about a great glass of beer that seems to pair so well with Fall, which makes this time of year perfect to be dubbed “beer season”.
Summer has passed, and so have the days of sitting out on the patio with a glass of wine. Summer has been deemed “wine season”, along with wandering through wineries and pairing blends with great food. But what about Fall? Just because the air feels cooler and the rain pours a more often, doesn’t mean the sampling has to stop!
Craft breweries have been popping up all over Western Canada, and there’s something about a great glass of beer that pairs so well with the crisp weather. So here we are, right in the middle of “beer season”, and to celebrate we have collated a list of our favourite craft breweries that call a few of our stunning Western Canadian destinations home.

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is a city famous for its microbreweries and unique craft offerings – stop in to most local bars downtown, and sample local taps from breweries passionate about their craft. Here are a few of our favourite selections in the Vancouver area:
33 Acres 
western canadian breweries 33 acres vancouver
Situated just west of Main St, 8 blocks from Science World, 33 Acres Brewing features 9 house-brewed craft beers and minimalist decor. Guests can clearly see the brewery’s appreciation for the natural elements and attention to detail in creating a high-quality product. Their space boasts wood and stone features, and they serve great food along with their highly regarded craft brews.
Feature brew:

  • 33 Acres of Sunshine (5.0%): This hazy blonde brew is fruity in flavour, with hints of orange peel, coriander and black liquorice.

Brassneck Brewery
brassneck brewery vancouver bc
Brassneck Brewery describes the purpose of their public space to be an experience in which the customer feels to be apart of the process. Boasting a charming, laid-back ambience with 11 beers on tap.
Feature brew:

  • Raspberry Changeling (6.5%): This delicious tart fruit beer has a raspberry colour with a hint of brown.

Four Winds Brewery (Delta)
Four winds brewery delta bc
Priding themselves on brewing both unique West Coast and European-styles of beers, Four Winds Brewery is highly popular amongst Metro Vancouver locals. The public space has a welcoming atmosphere with wooden features all around.
Feature brew:

  • Four Winds Berliner Weisse (3.5%): A sour wheat ale with earthy-mineral essence.



Cool, laid back and relaxed, Revelstoke is the perfect mountain town to relax with a locally crafted beer.
Mt Begbie Brewing Co.
Mount Begbie Brewing Co, Revelstoke, BC, Canada
Mt Begbie Brewing Co. is an all natural, 100% grain brewery staying true to its surroundings. Their hops are imported from Yakima, Washington, and have a slightly bitter quality. They brew only in small batches and they take great focus in producing quality craft beer. Everything is down to a science here, and no wonder considering one of the founders has a PhD in nuclear physics.
Feature brew:

  • Nasty Habit IPA (6.0%): This hopped IPA is blended with rich malts and mountain water.



Canmore is located just 20 minutes drive from Banff National Park and this beautiful mountain town has one brewery in particular that is famous throughout the region.
The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company
Canmore Alberta Grizzly Paw Brewery
A microbrew pub with beautiful mountain views, the Grizzly Paw Brewing Company is popular with Canmore locals and visitors alike. Their secret ingredient for making their beer taste so good? The glacier fed water. There’s a restaurant on-site, serving traditional pub food, making this brewery for a great evening out with friends.
Feature brew:

  • Big Head Nut Brown (6.0%): A caramel body with mild hops and brewed with pale malts.



Fernie is a mountain town famous for its adrenaline-pumping sports as well as quirky local arts, culture and foodie scene. Beer-wise, their local offerings will definitely not disappoint!
Fernie Brewing Company
Fernie Brewing Co Fernie, BC
A local home-grown brewery set inside a Rocky Mountain town. After a day of adventure-seeking, Fernie Brewing Company is a great place to sample some award-winning beers and pub food.
Feature brew:

  • First Trax Brown Ale (5.0%): Featuring eight specialty roasted malts, all brewed together to create a chocolaty, nutty beer with a deep brown colour. This brew will leaving you savouring every sip!



Apres-ski fan? Whistler offers up an incredible bar and restaurant scene, complete with an excellent selection of international eats and locally brewed beers.
Whistler Brewing Company
whistler brewing company whistler, bc - craft brewery
Want to know how more about how delicious beer is brewed? Try one of the tours provided on-site at the Whistler Brewing Company. Or, simply grab a seat at their tap house and try one of their award-winning ales and lagers. Here you will find a traditional BC craft beer, from a recipe that’s been perfected through experience.
Feature brew:

  • Bear Paw Honey Lager (5.0%): This beer is brewed with fermented 100% BC honey. While drinking this beer you can actually smell the honey aromas. Enjoy this mildly hoppy, crisp lager with it’s silky smooth honey finish.



The Okanagan is famous for it’s wineries and orchards, but Nelson also boasts a fabulous brewery that should be on any visitor’s list!
Nelson Brewing Company
nelson craft brewery, bc, canada
Situated in Nelson’s 100 year old brewery building, Nelson Brewing Company is an all organic, hand-crafted brewery striving to brew natural, traditionally-styled beers. Nestled in such a natural surrounding like The Kootenays, it seems only right to enjoy a refreshing 100% organic beer after a day of outdoor exploring.
Feature brew:

  • Wild Honey Organic Ale (5.0%): This brew is a light and malty beer with an underlying honey aroma.