Try One of These Outdoor Skating Rinks in Fernie

Looking for an authentic Canadian experience? Fernie is an outdoor winter paradise, home to a few different spots for a traditional outdoor skating experience. Play a game of outdoor hockey with the locals, or glide over the ice with friends and family.

One of the most authentic Canadian images that resonates with travellers and locals alike is ice-skating on a frozen pond or lake on a winter’s day. One of the best places to create this happy image for yourself is in Canadian mountain destinations like Fernie, BC.
Fernie is a fantastic winter destination, where outdoor skating is a frequent pastime for many locals. The town is encircled by the Canadian Rockies, making it a true outdoor adventure paradise. There are plenty of skating options around the town, and there are even a few places where you can bring your hockey sticks and join a neighbourly game of outdoor hockey! Or perhaps you’re just looking for a unique, outdoor experience for your family. Either way, Fernie’s outdoor skating rinks deliver.


Lace up your skates for a laughter-packed afternoon or evening with your family or friends. Fernie has a few great options for both outdoor and indoor skating.
There is a maintained ice surface outside the Aquatic Centre (250 Pine Avenue) or check out Maiden Lake and Annex Park Pond. If these aren’t frozen, take the kids skating indoors at the Fernie Memorial Arena (991 6th Avenue). Ice skates are available for rent at the arena.

Maiden Lake

When skating on any frozen body of water, the first protocol is to ensure that the ice is thick enough to be safe to skate on. Luckily, in the winter months Maiden Lake often freezes over with ice about 4 inches thick, providing a safe rink for outdoor skaters to enjoy. Lace up on the docks and glide over the ice as the mountain ranges surround you.
Situated just off 19th Street, behind the Canadian Tire.

Annex Park Pond

Annex Park is a lovely place to go for a stroll in the summer months. It has several walking and biking paths through a forested area with picnic fields and a duck pond. In winter, this pond freezes over and makes for a perfect communal place to bring friends or family for an outdoor skate.
Just off Highway 3, on 11th Street adjacent to Elk River.

Outdoor Rink at the Courthouse Grounds

Skate with the locals in downtown historic Fernie, while the mountains provide beautiful panoramic views. The rink is easily accessible and maintained by the City of Fernie. This outdoor skating rink was recently opened for the Christmas season of 2016, but remained open after Christmas due to popular demand. It can be enjoyed for as long as the weather is cold enough to allow it!
401 – 4th Avenue
Fernie, BC


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