Helicopter Tours to See the Rockies from Way Above!

There is no better way to see this spectacular country than by soaring above it. If you take a helicopter tour in Canmore this summer, prepare to be absolutely amazed!

We all know the Canadian Rockies is a special place. It attracts millions of visitors a year and there is absolutely no end of things to do and see. One of the most unique and thrilling ways you can experience the Rockies is by getting out of them. By which I mean high above them! The mountains have a tendency to make us feel small, insignificant and full of respect. It’s this feeling of awe and inspiration that many visitors are looking for when they visit these great peaks and valleys. Get into a helicopter, and be swept into the troposphere. It will be something you’ll never forget. The professionals at Alpine Helicopter in Canmore really know how to deliver an amazing experience. Take a look at some of their incredible tours that will be sure to take your breath away this summer.

Three Sisters Tour

Alpine Helicopters Tour - Three Sisters
This will be the most action packed 12 minutes of your life. Your adventure will take you past the Three Sisters Peaks as you spectacularly escape to the Spray Valley. You will see the magnificent Goat Range where you will observe the radiant aqua blue and green colours of the Spray Lakes. Your return flight will provide views of the Bow River as it meanders back towards the Town of Canmore.
This tour lasts 12 minutes.

The Royal Canadian Tour

Alpine Helicopter Tours - Royal Canadian
The Royal Canadian is an extension of the Three Sisters Peaks Tour. Your journey will take you to new heights through the Goat Range Pass and along the Sundance Range of Banff National Park where you will see mountain peaks, alpine meadows, and pristine lakes. An extraordinary adventure not to be missed!
This trip takes 25 minutes.

Mt. Assiniboine Tour

Banff Activities Helitour - Alpine Helitours
This sensational flight incorporates all the sights of the previous tours as well as transporting you to the “Matterhorn of the Canadian Rockies” which rises majestically to 3,611 meters (11,870 feet) along the Great Divide. The surrounding glaciers and icefalls will astound you and capture your imagination where you will get up close and personal with the Gloria Glacier as it tumbles off of Mount Assiniboine. This is an experience you will not forget!
This tour will last 30 minutes.

Marvel Pass Tour

Banff Canmore Activities Helitours - Alpine Helitours Marvel Pass
Located on the southwest border of Banff National Park, Marvel Pass has long been a favourite spot for that special private moment. This tour is treated as a private charter so your privacy is guaranteed. Flying south from Canmore you will pass the Three Sisters, over the Spray Reservoir and the high ridges to Marvel Lake and the famous Mount Assiniboine, also known as the “Matterhorn of the Rockies”. Our pilot takes you in for a close-up look at the hanging glaciers before heading south to Marvel Pass. You are dropped off at 7200 feet, close to Cabin Lake, surrounded by larch trees, small lakes, and towering peaks. This spectacular location offers breathtaking vistas which are perfect for marriage proposals. You can spend up to half an hour at this magnificent location before re-boarding for the 15-minute return flight to our Canmore Base.
This tour takes 45 minutes.


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