Discover the Beauty of Mont Tremblant with These Hiking Trails

Go hiking in Mont Tremblant to enjoy panoramic views of the area’s famous sprawling forests and abundance of lakes. To fully explore the beauty this region has to offer, here’s our guide to the best hiking trails in Mont Tremblant.

While there are many beautiful hikes in the Laurentians, Mont Tremblant Ski Resort has some of the most accessible hiking in the region in the summer and fall seasons. As the highest peak in the Laurentians, Mont Tremblant offers breathtaking views from the summit.
Travel through the rich forest of the surrounding mountains and peer down on the deep blue of Mont Tremblant Lake, which lies peacefully at the base. In the summer, colourful wildflowers fill the open spaces of the ski runs. Into the fall, the trees are a combination of magnificent fall colours ranging from gold, to bright orange to scarlet red for as far as the eye can see.
At the resort there is a variety of easy, moderate and challenging trails to choose from. Once at the summit, hikers can take the gondola back down to the base.
Here are two of our favourite hiking trails that will lead you to the summit:

1. Hiking at Mont Tremblant Ski Resort

11 hiking trails are accessible from Mont Tremblant’s village. They range from beginner to strenuous, and some of the more challenging trails will take you from the base all the way to the Tremblant peak! Of the 11, our favourites are:
Le Vertigo

Le Vertigo

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This strenuous trail leads from the base of the ski hill to the summit, running alongside a river. While you venture along your hike with the calming sounds of the trickling river, you’ll eventually wander out into clear spots that are technically ski runs in the winter. When following the trail through the forest and into a clearing, be sure to turn around and marvel at the beautiful Lac Tremblant from high above.
Distance: 6km one way
Time: 3-4 hours
Le 360º
If you wish to just take a brisk walk yet still see the rewarding panoramic views Mont Tremblant is famous for, try Le 360º. Especially near the end of August into the beginning of September, the views on offer are particularly spectacular.
Distance: 2.5km loop
Time: 45 minutes

2. Mont Tremblant National Park

Mont Tremblant National Park

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Beyond the ski resort, Parc National du Mont-Tremblant has an excellent network of hiking trails of different lengths. This is also where Mont Tremblant’s Via Ferrata du Diable can be found, dubbed as ‘the ultimate mountain experience’.
A Via Ferrata is a fixed climbing route with iron rungs and steel cables placed along the path to assist climbers. This thrilling activity is very popular in Italy and is becoming increasingly more mainstream in mountainous areas of North America. No prior experience is necessary, but if you have a fear of heights we suggest you stick to the hiking trails!
While there are a number of hiking trails to be explored in Mont Tremblant National Park, there are a few that we recommend to make the decision process a little easier:
La Boucle de Centenaire Trail
This beautiful nature hike is one that will get your heart pumping, but luckily won’t make your legs burn too badly! La Boucle de Centenaire is perfect for those who want to spend their day immersed in nature with towering trees and large rock walls.
Distance: 9.6km with an extra 5km option
Time: 3-4 hours
La Corniche Trail
La Corniche trail is a one hour trek to a wooden viewing platform that boasts spectacular views of Lac Monroe. A little to heads up to those chasing waterfalls – there’s a beautiful one to be seen along the route!
Distance: 3.4km
Time: 1 hour

3. Domaine St. Bernard

Domain St. Bernard

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Looking for even more terrain to discover? The Domaine St. Bernard area, just south of the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort boasts over 29km of hiking trails that are open all year round. It’s also home to Raynaud Lake, where swimming and a day of beach wandering can be enjoyed.
For a super fun, nature filled day, spend the daytime hiking and exploring the beautiful Mont Tremblant scenery. Afterwards, visit the Velan Pavilion, an observatory located at Domaine St. Bernard.
To find out more about Domaine St. Bernard, visit their website here.


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