Mountain Biking in Golden: Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and More

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is home to thousands of feet of mountain biking trails, and most notably the longest descent in all of BC. But outside of Kicking Horse, Golden has other riding trails that can please any level of rider.

Mountain biking in Golden, BC offers unparalleled views and incredible descents. In fact, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is home to the longest descent in BC, on top of its thousands of feet of riding trails.
Find gentle trails with rugged add-ons near the town of Golden, or head over to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort for extreme chutes demanding technical focus.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Bike Park

This bike park sits at a higher elevation than all other Canadian bike parks.
Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Bike Park has many reasons to brag. It also has the longest descent. Kicking Horse offers 3,700 feet of riding trails and is surrounded by three dynamic mountain ranges and the stunning view adds to the incredible biking experience.
There are amazing trails for every ability of rider. Intermediate trails feature wooden bridges over boulders, short singletrack combined with a mix of roots, dirt and rocks. There are also some high-speed trails in the alpine. Advanced riders will love the adrenaline rush of fast and steep downhills. Advanced trails feature technical singletrack, super narrow bridges, technical woodwork, rocky steeps, numerous berms and rock slabs. Beginner riders can find trails that meander around the lower mountain. Whatever your ability, you’ll get to ride on a vast mountain, through dense forest and cleared ski runs with beautiful wildflowers.
Rental equipment and lessons are also available on the mountain at Kicking Horse.

The Moonraker and Canyon Creek Trails

Enjoy stunning scenery, diverse terrain, mountain lakes and wildlife viewing opportunities.
The Moonraker and Canyon Creek Trails offer fantastic mountain biking! The 15 trails in this network range from stellar single track to old roads. Most trails are considered moderately difficult, however there are easy rides and challenging trails too.
Our favourite, the Canyon Creek Trail, which offers a an amazing view from the top, is the longest trail in this system (17 km in length). Novice riders can enjoy the Ptarmigan Trot, a 2.3 km loop around Sander Lake.
Be cautious of steep pitches, exposed roots as well as cliff drop-offs along Canyon Creek. For a superb trail map, click here.
To reach the upper network of trails (at the north end) drive down Kicking Horse Trail Road, then drive about 6.5 km past the Columbia River Bridge, then turn off the road.
For the lower network of trails (at the south end), drive south of Golden to Nicholson. Drive about 5.5 km towards Sander Lake until you reach the parking lot.


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