Mountain and Nature Photography by Chloe Hibbert

Exceptionally talented young photographer Chloe Hibbert partnered with us on Instagram for a week, to share some of her favourite photos she has snapped, and the memories each of these invoke.

Once in a while, an incredible talent comes along that forces you to sit up and take notice. This was how I felt when I discovered Chloe Hibbert, a 24 year old photographer based out of Calgary, Alberta. When I saw her beautiful, awe-inspiring nature shots, it was love at first sight! For photography being such a heavily saturated market, her pictures really stood out and shone – which is no easy task.
I am not the only person to have found myself captivated with the young photographer’s images of stunning mountain scenery. Chloe boasts an incredible 85,000 followers on her Instagram account and her huge following has led to her becoming a brand ambassador for several companies, including the Rocky Mountain Soap Co.United by BluePurr Clothing, and The Level Collective.
I felt that Chloe’s photography was exactly representative of the Leavetown brand, showcasing Canadian destinations perfectly. Her pictures highlight the incredible natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies, and provide a sense of escapism from everyday life. To me, Chloe’s photos show her clear love of nature, and the time she relishes being alone and still in the presence of the mountains and water.
Our office contacted Chloe to tell her we really wanted to work with her. We arranged a Leavetown Instagram takeover for 7 days. For a whole week, Chloe shared her photography with Leavetown’s followers, coupled with a commentary on her thoughts about each photo, and the situation in which it was taken.
Here’s what unfolded, complete with captions in Chloe’s own words:

1. The Icefields Parkway, Jasper

image1 RESIZED
The Icefields Parkway remains one of my favourite routes of all time. The first time I visited Jasper was in 2015 and I was stunned by the immense and intimidating beauty of the Columbia Icefield. It was desolate and felt like another planet. Approaching this view makes your heart race a little bit in anticipation and I remember that I had to pull over and grab a picture. I recommend visiting the ice fields in the winter months to experience the Ice caves. They are remarkable and the vibrant blue that the ice gives off will leave you speechless.

2. Moraine Lake

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Moraine Lake, my favourite place on earth. Probably a lot of people consider this their favourite place on earth, but for good reason. With every hour of the day this lake changes colour.. even the weather can be a factor in the way this lake reflects. This is one of many of my favourite days at moraine lake, misty and calm. Trust me when I say, it really is that blue!

3. Lake Louise

I really adore Lake Louise. Many people see it as a tourist trap, and I suppose in some ways, they would be right. It’s always packed and at times it can feel impossible to get a decent shot of the glacier. But there is a reason this scene is so famous. I can’t begin to count the memories I have of this place, as a child my parents used to take my brothers and I here, we would sit and look at the view, skip stones and then walk the trail around the lake and view the chateau from the other side. It is a peaceful place, and if the weather is calm enough, the glacier will reflect perfectly in the bright blue waters.

4. Capilano Suspension Bridge

image4 RESIZED
B.C was amazing. I love Alberta for its looming views and impressive lakes, but British Columbia is a place for lush greenery. The Capilano Bridge in Vancouver is a small oasis for tourists and stunning after fresh rainfall. When I took this photo, it was about 15 minutes after they opened the park and I rushed to get shots of the bridge before the tourists arrived. These pictures always make me want to go build my own treehouse.. I love that simple images like this can evoke feelings of adventure and wanderlust. I hope to go back to B.C soon!

5. Moraine Lake, Revisited

image5 RESIZED
Another one of Moraine Lake. But this day was different. I remember feeling enormously stressed out. I had a lot of work to get done and I wasn’t enjoying my environment. My brother snapped this photo without me noticing.. and when I look back on it, I remember how I had needed to take that moment for myself. I took in my surroundings and I remember the air smelled like pine and wet earth (the BEST smell in my books). It was chilly enough that I could see my breath and it was a moment where I felt alive.
The Lake was still, and I could hear it lapping in a rhythmic motion against the canoes. Moraine Lake seems to create a sense of wonder in most people.. on this day though, it definitely served as my stress relief. It was my way of escaping real life for a second and just loving the moment. Again, this photo was taken in the early morning, around 7am or so… in my books, that’s the best time to go visit this place.

6. Product Shoots for Ethical Companies

This day was a product shoot day. I was doing some work for a shoe company and a backpack company (both of whom I support 100% and it wasn’t just one of those ‘freebie’ posts). But I remember posting this shot and it got a ton of feedback. People really love to see other people’s perspectives in environments like this. Before you ask, yes, those shoes actually were completely comfortable to be walking in… but this remains one of my favourite shots in my feed. It contains so many good things and good memories. Reminds me to always support companies that are making a positive and honest impact.

7. Two Jack Lake

I laugh when I look at this photo. Contrary to what you might think, this was one of the most stressful days of my life. Me and my boyfriend at the time went to this lake on probably one of the windiest days I’ve EVER experienced. First of all, wind is not your friend when you have a canoe strapped to the roof… secondly, its tiring to paddle when the wind is hitting you like a freight train from all directions. I think I was grumpy for most of the day and convinced that none of my pictures had turned out. However, this one did.. and it shocked me that I didn’t even really remember this moment. So this image serves as a reminder to me to just STOP sometimes… stop taking photos, stop worrying, stop being grumpy about uncontrollable circumstances and just live in the moment a little more.
Check out Chloe on Instagram, or visit to see more of this young artist’s impressive collection of work.