Revelstoke Hot Springs

Revelstoke is well-known for its incredible selection of hot springs in the area. Which one to visit? Take your pick!

Revelstoke has an endless array of outdoor activities, making it one of the best-loved vacation spots in Canada for adventure. After a long day spent navigating the trails and slopes, there’s nothing like a dip in a natural hot spring to soothe worn muscles. Revelstoke is renowned for these amazing feats of Mother Nature, and during your visit to the area it is definitely advised to go and enjoy one of the surrounding hot pools.
Hot springs are not just relaxing, they are also said to have health benefits like boosting blood circulation, promoting good sleep, and reducing stress. No matter where in Revelstoke you go for a soak, these bubbling waters provide an enticing, all-natural way to relax.
The Revelstoke area is home to several hot springs and pools perfect for relaxing and recuperating – choose between taking a trip out to some natural springs or taking a dip in a well-designed hot pool. Here’s our round up of the best:

1. Canyon Hot Springs

Revelstoke Canyon Hot Springs surrounded by BC's stunning mountains
These remote, but easily accessible Revelstoke hot springs sit beneath towering mountain peaks, nestled in the middle of dense green forest.
Just a 20 minute drive from Revelstoke, between Glacier and Mount Revelstoke National Parks, you’ll find Canyon Hot Springs. These mineral pools are surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and open from May to September. They make an ideal stop on the way back to Revelstoke after a hike or mountain bike ride. The mineral content of the thermal spring water at Canyon Hot Springs includes calcium, magnesium, sulphate, chloride, silica and fluoride which all reputedly make your muscles say “ahhhh….”
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) employees were the first to make this hot spring accessible. During the construction of the rail line across Canada, through Rogers Pass, they set up a village here. Upon finding the hot springs, they built a small pool lined with timber to collect the steamy water. The modern-day Canyon Hot Springs is situated about four kilometres from the original pool.
Open May to September
7050 Trans Canada Hwy #1
From Revelstoke, drive east on Highway 1 past Mount Revelstoke National Park.

2. Crazy Creek Resort and Hot Pools

Crazy Creek Hot Springs Revelstoke
While technically not a ‘hot spring,’ these bubbling pools nevertheless provide a muscle-melting way to unwind.
Crystal-clear, glacier water is taken from a well at the base of Eagle Pass Mountain, geo-thermally heated and conditioned, then pumped into the three hot pools at Crazy Creek Resort. Once you’ve had enough heat, you can slip into one of the cool pools for a refreshing swim. This spot makes an easy trip for anyone driving by, especially with its handy highway location between Revelstoke and Sicamous.
You can also explore the nearby Crazy Creek Waterfalls and suspension bridge after taking a short – yet scenic – hike.
Admission: Adult $9.50 (17 & older); Children $5.70 (age 3 to 16); Children under 3 are free
Hot Pools Open every day 9:00 am to 8:45 pm
Change facility as well as towel rentals are onsite
6162 Trans-Canada Highway 1
Just off the highway from Revelstoke to Sicamous

3. Nakusp Hot Springs

Nakusp Hot Springs Revelstoke
Surrounded by untouched wilderness and immense natural beauty, Nakusp Hot Springs is an awesome way to relax the mind, melt stress, and soothe hard-worked skiing legs.
With 11 minerals in its spring water (sulphate, chloride, magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper, phosphorus, silica, sodium and more), soaking in the thermal pools is believed to be therapeutic, boasting healing benefits. In addition to the significant mineral content, the water in the pools is extremely clean. Everyday, 200,000 litres of filtered water is flushed into the pools.
Since the late 1800’s, local people have been enjoying the benefits of Nakusp’s thermal hot springs. Finally in 1928, a fundraising campaign helped to build a concrete pool and cabins. Eventually, government grants allowed proper access to the thermal pools to be built. By the time the modern-day complex and spa at Nakusp Hot Springs was finally opened in 1974, almost a century had passed since people had started using these natural springs.
Summer hours: 9:30am – 9:30pm; Winter hours: 1pm – 9pm
8500 Hot Springs Road
From Revelstoke, head south on Highway 23 to the Upper Arrow Lake Ferry, and take a free, 20 minute ride across scenic Upper Arrow Lake. Drive towards Nakusp and about 14km before Nakusp town, turn off the highway on Hot Springs Road. Look for signs.

4. Halcyon Hot Springs

Revelstoke Halcyon Hot Springs
This relaxing hot spring has a beautiful waterfront location, overlooking the panoramic Arrow Lakes and Monashee Mountain range. The water of these pools is so pure it’s actually drinkable, due to a unique blend of minerals including small amounts of lithium. Lithium has been known to aid in the healing of a number of illnesses and possess anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, the Halcyon Hot Springs’ water was once bottled and shipped as far as London for its unique mineral blend!
The Halcyon Hot Springs pools themselves are encircled by lush trees virtually untouched by anything else. All preoccupations disappear as the soothing, hot water and scenery of Arrow Lakes and mountains fully relax guests. The pools are backed by a beautiful, stone-framed clubhouse containing a spa so guests can experience a full day of relaxing and pampering!
Open year round, 8am – 10pm; 11pm on Saturdays
Extended summer hours (June 27 – August 31): 8 am to 11 pm
BC-23, Nakusp, BC V0G 1R0

5. Halfway Hot Springs and St. Leon Hot Springs

Main Springs at Revelstoke Halfway Hot Springs
Insider’s tip: Halfway Hot Springs, and St. Leon Hot Springs are two natural, rugged, hot springs in between Revelstoke and Nakusp, that require 4×4 vehicles and proper hiking attire to reach.
These virtually untouched pools, however difficult to get to, provide the ultimate natural experience, set inside man-built rock walls and surrounded by a pristine forested setting. These pools are only for those looking to put in the sweat, time, and effort to reach them, and aren’t afraid to get a little dirty hiking before reaping the rewards. If you decide to explore these natural wonders, please remember to leave no trace of your visit so as to preserve the area, and remember that at no time should you take any glass bottles into the hot springs – always be respectful of others using the hot springs after you, and of course of Mother Nature.

Visit Revelstoke’s Hot Springs

With Revelstoke being one of the greatest vacation spots in Canada, we of course have fabulous accommodations that suit this incredible mountain destination. Call our Destination Experts to find out more about Revelstoke’s hot springs, or accommodations in the area. Your amazing vacation hiking, biking, skiing, and of course soaking awaits you!