The Revelstoke Pipe Mountain Coaster is Here!

Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s Pipline Mountain Coaster is finally here, and we are super excited to go try it out!

Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s exciting new summer attraction, the Pipe Mountain Coaster, will be open to the public from May 21st!
The coaster is an innovative single track ride that will debut as North America’s first Brandauer Mountain Coaster. With construction having finished in 2015 on this massive project, the coaster will open its doors to the public next month. The incredible ride will take visitors soaring through the scenic mountains at speeds up to 42km/hr with incredible forest views in every direction.

A Thrilling Journey

Riders must take a gondola ride to reach the starting line. Each rider will be buckle in to a cart, which can hold up to two people. And then you’re off! The 1.4 kilometre track is full of twists and turns from the moment you leave the starting gate, with an immediate plummet into a tunnel as a welcome to your hair-raising 279 metre (that’s 915 feet!) vertical descent.

Revelstoke Pipe Mountain Coaster


Photo by Ian Houghton

Take in the beautiful views or just hold on for dear life as the coaster takes you to your destination, the finishing line in the Resort Village below. Fun for all the family, the innovative coaster allows riders to control their own speed, meaning that you can choose just how intense you would like your ride to be. The coaster is therefore suitable for almost anybody to ride and enjoy.

Revelstoke’s Top New Summer Attraction

Revelstoke’s Pipe Mountain Coaster has been in the pipeline for a while now, as part of the resort’s effort to expand their line of summer activities, and further cement their status as a year-round big player in Canadian Rockies tourism. Already a huge success with skiers, Revy now has it’s sights set on enticing the summer crowd to come and visit.

Revelstoke Pipe Mountain Coaster


Photo by Ian Houghton


If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Revelstoke this summer, the Mountain Coaster is definitely one more reason to visit this awesome resort in the heart of the beautiful British Columbia Rockies.
Check the fun out for yourself here:


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