Snowmobiling in the Mont Tremblant Laurentian Mountains!

With thousands of miles of groomed trails, there is no better place on the planet for snowmobiling than Quebec. This is a family-friendly adventure that you don’t want to miss!

For an unforgettable experience, discover the vast and stunning Mont Tremblant backcountry by snowmobile.
Explore the majestic mountains, serene lakes and beautiful rivers of the Laurentians in a unique way – by snowmobile! Known as “snowmobiler’s paradise”, the Laurentians boast thousands of marked and groomed snowmobile trails. Get a rush of adrenaline as you chase through the snow, or take a relaxed drive curving through the powder while you soak in the surrounding mountain views.

Who Can Go Snowmobiling?

Anyone 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license can rent a snowmobile in the area. Quebec trail permits must be purchased before heading out, and can be done so either online or at the time of renting the snowmobile. Make sure to map out your route with one of the many trail maps available online. Snowmobiling is a winter sport and so the best time of year to experience optimal conditions is usually from the beginning of December to the end of March.

Which Trails Are Best to Try?


Devil's Mountain in Quebec

Laurentides Photo


Of the vast network of groomed snowmobile trails in the Laurentians, a few stand out above the rest. For instance, riding up to the peak of Devil’s Mountain will present visitors with an unmatched view of the valley below and surrounding mountain ranges. In the fall time, this is exceptionally true as Mont Tremblant has some of the most stunning fall foliage in all of Canada. Another great attraction along one of the marked snowmobile trails is Windigo Falls, a waterfall that slopes over a boulder and never freezes. When it snows, the surrounding area gets covered in white powder, making it a popular pit-stop among snowmobilers.
For those willing to go the extra mile to explore unique Laurentian beauty, there is a snowmobile trail leading up to the Baskatong reservoir, which is a large inner sea covering that freezes over in the winter. Huge crevices form in the ice following the tidal range, giving the mass exquisite beauty.. In the winter, snowmobile clubs maintain an ice bridge over the reservoir. making the area fairly accessible to advanced snowmobilers, but it is still highly recommended that guests visit this icy attraction with a guide.


Windigo Falls in Quebec

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Can I Book a Snowmobiling Tour?


Escape to Tremblant Photo

Escape to Tremblant Photo


Tremblant Snowmobile, based in Labelle, provide an unforgettable snowmobile journey with their handful of different tour options and quality equipment. Tremblant Snowmobile provides guided tours for individuals, couples, families or large groups. They offer you a choice of the newest snowmobiles and dress you with top-of-the line, sub-zero suits, boots, mitts and helmets. Remember to bring your camera! There are many breathtaking photo opportunities.
The variety of tours on offer by Tremblant Snowmobiles includes a 90 minute journey along old train tracks for all rider abilities, so it is great for a family-friendly adventure! The 90 minute tour is along a popular trail amongst all Laurentian snowmobilers, called the Linear Park Le P’tit Train du Nord. Enjoy a scenic snowmobile ride through the peaceful boreal forest and visit a historic train station museum and an old caboose. A spaghetti dinner is available afterwards for the family tour, but reservations must be made in advance.
In addition, Tremblant Snowmobile offers a 90 minute evening tour, as to witness a beautiful sunset over the mountains and boreal forest. Make sure to wear extra layers however, because this tour is extra chilly! For guests that are extremely excited about Mont Tremblant snowmobiling can opt-in for the 2 hour private tour where the guide will work with the guests to prepare an exciting tour special to the groups skill-levels and desires. Please note that all Tremblant Snowmobile tours require children to be 5 years or older.
Tremblant Snowmobile
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Labelle, Quebec


Labelle is just a short drive from Mont Tremblant and provides the perfect terrain for snowmobiling the mountains. After an exciting day of navigating through the alpine’s backcountry, retreat back to one of our lovely mountain vacation rentals in the Mont Tremblant region. Call our Destination Experts to find out more about our accommodations and activities at 1.877.902.1616. Don’t miss out on one of Canada’s best mountain destinations!