Discover Whistler's Awesome Snowmobiling Scene!

Whistler’s outdoor terrain benefits from the unique, deep, damp, snowfall of the Coast Mountains. The deep snow creates stable terrain along mountain lines for steep rides swimming in powder. To experience this perfect terrain, check out these great snowmobiling trails in Whistler.

With jaw-dropping mountain vistas at every turn, snowmobiling in British Columbia’s spectacular backcountry is the ultimate adrenaline experience. Zip over icy mountain lakes and through old-growth forests. From fresh tracks and huge glaciers to groomed, easy-cruising trails, Whistler’s backcountry is an immense playground for first-time riders, families and avid snowmobilers.

Snowmobiling in Whistler’s spectacular backcountry

Whistler is unique in the fact that it’s a community that was built around a mountain, rather than industry. Because of this, the amount of accessible terrain and ideal snowfall attracts an abundance of outdoor-inspired travellers.
Snowmobiling in Whistler has been dubbed as somewhat of an underground culture. Other than the plentiful snowmobile tour operators, Whistler is not famous for its locals being keen snowmobilers. However, there’s more than meets the eye to Whistler and its snowmobiling culture.
The Whistler buzz is centred around Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, plus its mountain biking and hiking trails, leaving snowmobiling as a bit of an afterthought. However, Whistler is home to a tight-knit community of snowmobilers, a few of which are pros seeking the Coast Mountain range snowfall.
The style of riding has been influenced by the type of snowfall the Coast Mountain range is famous for. Heavy snowfalls of damp snow that stabilizes along mountain slopes, creates for a deeper ride along steep mountain lines. Therefore the terrain appeals to a niche set of riders, different from the more known technical alpine-tree sledders.
If you’re thinking of snowmobiling in Whistler, be sure to check out the following trails:

1. Brandywine Valley

The Brandywine Valley is popular among snowmobilers as it offers glaciers, alpine bowls and subalpine trees. In the Brandywine Meadows region you will find a massive bowl with steep descents and cliffs, plus lots of opportunities for technical tree riding. Furthermore, the Brandywine Falls area serves as an access point to the ever-popular Pemberton Ice Fields, which is a collection of glaciers.
Turn off Highway 99 onto Callaghan Valley Road. Take the first left and continue to the pay booth.

2. Rutherford Creek

Another access point to the Pemberton Ice Fields, the Rutherford Creek is one of the most popular snowmobiling regions in the Whistler/Pemberton area. Access by the Rutherford Creek Trail, this 23km path is well-groomed so many blast straight up and over the Appa Glacier.
Take the trail up the Pemberton Ice Fields and spend your day shredding deep powder through ice caves, valleys and crevices.
Pull off Highway 99 into Rutherford Creek’s gravel parking lot.

Whistler Snowmobile Tours

Blackcomb Snowmobile
We work with the fantastic Blackcomb Snowmobile Tours to offer our guests a variety of different snowmobile tours for all skill levels.
First off, there’s the Family Tour, designed with kids in mind. Zoom down Blackcomb Snowmobile’s mini z-track, with the kids in their very own mini snowmobile! If you are looking for something a little more challenging, try the 2 hour Wilderness Tour that takes guests deep into BC forest to discover frozen lakes and high-alpine bowls.
To find out more about the snowmobiling tours on offer in Whistler, click here.


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