Storm Watching at WYA Point Resort, Ucluelet

Vancouver Island vacations aren’t all surf and sun… Winter brings some world class storms to the Island’s gorgeous Pacific Coast, and these raging feats of nature are gaining huge popularity with visitors.

Vancouver Island welcomes thousands of visitors each winter for the annual ritual of storm watching. These famous, exhilarating Vancouver Island storms occur 10-15 times monthly, but are at their most ferocious by far in the winter season between November and March.
One of the best places on the Island to witness these great feats of nature is Ucluelet, located on the Pacific Coast of the Island, below Tofino. This remote, seaside location is popular with storm watching enthusiasts, who gather there each winter to watch the 70km/h winds lift the Pacific Ocean waves 3-4 metres in the air, bringing them crashing down spectacularly onto the stunning rocky Ucluelet shoreline.
Ucluelet's Stormy Seas

The WYA Point Resort, Ucluelet

The WYA Point Resort is located right on Ucluelet’s beaches, and is one of the latest properties we have added to our roster of fabulous Canadian experiences. Offering a coastal rainforest backdrop, WYA Point’s wooden lodges and Malaysian-style yurts are the ideal accommodation for a storm watching getaway like no other – it’s the perfect place to get in touch with your “unplugged self” and indulge in some me time.
WYA Point Resort, in it’s prime seaside location, makes for an ideal spot to cozy up on your porch and watch the waves come crashing down – with the strong winds and pounding waves, for many, the perfect storm watching experience is to take a comfortable seat with a warm beverage, great company and oceanside views from a safe distance.

Storm Watching Paradise

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, WYA Point is located right on the edge of Pacific Rim National Park, which is home to Long Beach and part of the West Coast Trail, giving you multiple outlets for storm-chasing. No matter your preferred level of thrill-seeking, nothing beats waking up in the morning and witnessing one of nature’s great fights at sea right from your front door.
The calm after the storm is particularly evident in Ucluelet, and beachcombing the shoreline after a nice long Pacific Ocean storm proves a highly relaxing (and interesting!) pastime. Driftwood, trees and other unpredictable collectibles get carried to shore by the furious waves, leaving curious little gifts. WYA Point’s very own private beach grants guests first access to these beachcombing gems.
Storm watch from your shoreside yurt in Ucluelet

Storm Watching Accommodations

We are thrilled to be able to offer our Leavetown guests the chance to stay at these one-of-a-kind accommodations in Ucluelet. The unique yurts offer the ultimate “glamping” experiences – these eco-friendly structures contain gas stoves and comfortable beds, so you can enjoy the feeling of camping with a little added convenience. The yurts are surrounded by cedar-decks and have patio furniture so you can leave your camping chairs at home. Situated with ocean views and a short distance from the beach, both the yurts and lodges are ideally located for your storm watching experience.
The stunning timber-framed lodges are your home away from home, with all of the modern conveniences plus some great views – most have windows facing the coastline, so you can choose to watch the stormy ocean show from inside, or outside on your patio! What is particularly fascinating about the lodges is their carefully decorated wooden pole centrepieces, which were hand-carved by local Ucluth artist, Clifford George. The WYA Point Resort is located on an old village site of the Ucluelet First Nation, and so the properties were purposefully decorated to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the area. The overall combination of art, oceanside views, and beautiful accommodations are guaranteed to offer you an storm watching vacation that is nothing short of spectacular.
Give our Destination Experts a call if you’d like to know more about visiting the WYA Point Resort in Ucluelet! You can reach us 7 days a week at 1.877.902.1616. Additionally, you can view our selection of accommodations in Ucluelet online here.
Calm after the Storm in Ucluelet