Top 3 Places to Heli-Ski in BC's Interior

Ready for an experience of a lifetime? BC is home to the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountain ranges that provide the ultimate heli-skiing experiences. Shred untouched powder high above the clouds, as you ski or board your way down fresh terrain and take in the serene, untouched mountain views.

BC has some of the best heli-skiing in the entire world, which is no surprise considering the sport was pioneered in the province’s vast mountain terrain in the 1960’s. BC mountain ranges are famous for tree line skiing, as the forest setting provides protection from undesirable weather and wind, creates better visibility, and of course adds to the challenging, yet riveting terrain that heli-skiing offers.
In addition to incredible tree line skiing, the BC mountains provide other mountain variables such as open glacier fields, wide bowls, tight chutes and exhilarating drops. The expansive variability of the terrain presents challenges unlike anything offered at ski resorts or other areas, and it’s these challenges that makes the sport of heli-skiing so popular in this province.
There are plenty of heli-skiing packages on offer in various mountain destinations in BC, but we particularly love the heli-skiing in the Kootenay Rockies around Revelstoke and Panorama due to the frequent bluebird conditions and abundance of champagne powder the province’s interior is known for. Below is a list of our top 3 preferred heli-skiing operators in these destinations. They are all well-established in the business and know the best locations with prime snow conditions. Each of these operators take their heli-skiing guests to a different part of their local mountains, offering unique terrains and different conditions. Try one, and you will inevitably want to try them all!
Here are our top 3 places to heli-ski in BC’s Kootenay Rockies:

1. REVELSTOKE: Selkirk Mountains

Selkirk Tangiers Heliski
The Selkirk Mountains provide a reliable flow of dry powder, and terrain with incredible variability.
Pioneers of heli-skiing in the Revelstoke area, Selkirk Tangiers have been offering heli-skiing packages for 37 years. The well-established company offers a great combination package that offers access to both Revelstoke Mountain and heli-skiing in the Selkirks. Selkirk Tangiers have something to suit all budgets, offering everything from an inexpensive 3 run package, to a more comprehensive 5 run package. Great rates on multi-day packages can also be arranged.

2. REVELSTOKE: Monashee Mountains

Monashee Mountains BC Heliski Eagle Pass
A tree skier’s paradise with unlimited champagne powder and a naturally well-spaced alpine forest.
Eagle Pass Heliski takes you high into the Monashee Mountains, a range often regarded as the epicentre of the best heli-skiing in BC. Eagle Pass offer a variety of packages, but it’s important to note that their tours only allow a maximum of 4 guests per group. This is to guarantee the ultimate unique, personal heli-skiing experience. With these smaller groups, you are better suited to access tight terrain – perfect for navigating the Monashee’s tree skiing paradise! Check out the Eagle Pass 1 day heli-skiing excursion for an excellent option for a great heli-ski trip!

3. PANORAMA: Purcell Mountains

Located in BC’s interior, the Purcell Mountains are renowned for their high-grade snow quality that’s light and dry. The Purcells are quite possibly the most famous heli-skiing mountain range in the world, getting 15 metres of snowfall on average per season!
Centrally located in Panorama Village, RK Heliski is set up to give you the most incredible heli-ski adventure possible. Their tenure is ideal when it comes to providing you with the perfect conditions. Frequent storms bring in tons of dry, powdery snow and being located in the Purcell Mountain range means that fluffy stuff stays on the ground well into May. Chance of rain – pretty much zero. RK boasts less than 2 ‘no fly’ days per year… and that’s usually because it’s snowing too hard!
RK Heliski offers great rates on their 3 Run Powder Package and 5 Run Powder Package heli-ski experiences.

Don’t have any powder skiing experience? No sweat!

Have you always wanted to try heli-skiing but felt a little daunted by the prospect? What does it entail?
Panorama offers the perfect course to get you fully prepared for the ski-experience of a lifetime. With a highly experienced Pro at your side, you’ll learn all about deep-powder and tree skiing. Your instructor will dispel common myths (like leaning back to keep your tips up) and arm you with the technique and knowledge you need to ski that fresh and fluffy mountain powder like a master. During your training, you will be able to try out gear that is built for powder (like fat skis or powder boards), to learn how it feels and how to use it before getting in that helicopter.


Heli-skiing is a sport that will push you to your limits and give you great reward. The feeling you get when you’re making your way down the mountain-side, knowing you’re in a place where most haven’t ventured is a rush that’s unparalleled. As you make your way down, you’ll be met with panoramic views of the surrounding mountain ranges, and see mountain peaks in a whole new perspective. Even though you’re in motion, you’ll be met with the type of stillness that you just can’t experience on the slopes of a mountain resort.


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