Vacation Rentals vs Hotels: What You Need to Know!

There’s advantages to both vacation rentals and hotels, so what’s the right choice for your holiday? Here are some factors to consider when planning your next getaway.

More and more people are asking this question as they plan their next getaway: should we stay in a hotel or book a vacation rental?
Vacation rentals are becoming increasingly popular, even among travellers who have been staying in hotels for years. However, both have their own unique advantages. No matter where you are taking your holiday, you are going to make sure you have the best accommodation possible for your time away. So of course, when it comes to booking an accommodation there are many different options to contemplate.
We’ve come up with a few major points to consider when deciding your next accommodation:


Do you want to prepare your own meals while you are away?
Hotels are perfect for those that don’t even want to think about what ingredients to buy or what meals to prepare. You’re on vacation, right? Save that for home.
But buying groceries and preparing meals is a great way to save money while away – especially for families and group holidays! If you don’t mind preparing a few simple meals, it’s important to note that vacation rentals often come with fully-equipped kitchens so buying and storing groceries is just as easy as home. Your vacation rental kitchen should be stocked with dishes, utensils and cookware so you never need to worry about extra packing. Many also have BBQ facilities on site – great for simple outdoor meals in summer!
Learn more about meal planning for your vacation rental.


How much room will you need while you are away?
Often times travellers don’t expect to be spending too much time inside their accommodations. Really, they’re just looking for a comfortable place to shower and sleep. Hotels are perfect for keeping things simple. They provide comfy beds, equipped bathrooms – what more do you need?
But hotels can be cramped for space. If you’re a larger family or group, or simply want some room to spread out, hotels don’t always do the trick. Many vacation rentals can easily span up to 2,000 square feet depending on what you’re renting.
They have their own separate living room and kitchen, and can come with multiple bedrooms. Sometimes, they can be a whole private home! If space and room to move around is what you’re looking for, consider a rental condo or vacation home.


Are extras such as a pool, hot tub and fitness centre a priority?
Hotels are great for providing all the necessities for a quick trip to the city so your bags can stay light. Complimentary toiletries, linens, towels and common facilities at the hotel like a gym and swimming pool are really convenient features.
It’s sometimes believed that vacation rentals come with the bare basics and don’t have the selection of nice amenities like hotels – but this is a myth! Same as hotels, many holiday rental properties are resort-style, and blend that warm, cozy feeling of a house with a long list of convenient perks you won’t find at other types of accommodations. A majority of vacation rentals often come with in-suite washer and dryers, BBQs, private hot tubs, access to common area swimming pools alongside complimentary bedding, linens, towels and toiletries.


It’s really a case of simplicity and ease vs space and convenience!
All of the accommodations we offer have met our team’s high Leavetown standards and we’d personally recommend any of them to our travelling guests. However, we recognize that every groups needs are different, and requirements always change. That is why we look to have an array of options, and work really hard to pair each of our guests with the best rental that suits their needs. We even offer luxury rentals!
And so, we hope this article dispels many of the myths that are associated with vacation rentals – like they don’t come with any added features or amenities, or that they’re way more expensive than hotels. Sometimes, a rental condo can actually be cheaper than a hotel!

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As we mentioned before there many factors to consider, but we believe these are the most important points to consider when choosing between a hotel or vacation rental. Now that you have a better idea of what kind of accommodation you’d like for your next holiday, feel free to browse our beautiful destinations online, or give our Destination Experts a call at 1.877.902.1616 and they will assist you in matching the right property for your needs – we offer an incredible range of both vacation rental and hotel properties.