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Why Original Art

Travel and art share the ability to evoke the senses and inspire. strives to inspire and bring delight our guests. This is the reason we are partnering with local artists to create unique, original art to celebrate the destinations and partners we are happy to represent. We hope this brings delight into your day!

The Canadian Rockies

This first piece in acrylic is an homage to our roots as a company, The Canadian Rockies. Born in 2008 in Canmore, Alberta,'s humble beginnings were in this stunning mountain town working with accommodation and activity providers to showcase the best of this iconic Canadian destination. The lodge in the painting is inspired by Hidden Ridge Resort in Banff, still one of our most popular properties. The canoe, moose and eagle represent the best of Canadian-a, and what draws millions of annual visitors to our country. The vibrant colors draw from our logo color palette and represent the multitudes of destination types we serve (snow, sun, beach, mountain) as well as the inclusivity values we represent and that travel helps to foster. We welcome you to browse through all of our properties in the Canadian Rockies.


As a Montana native, Sienna has danced though life from one small city to a larger. In 2009, she was held captive by the underground art world of Seattle. Nurtured by music and expression, Sienna spent many years doing live & studio painting in and around the PNW as well as supporting good people through graphic design. She was given the opportunity to learn the art of event production with her company Starborne Shows and Cascadia NW Arts & Music Festival. Sienna has held the roll of curator of Gallery AXIS Pioneer Square since 2017 where she is proud to host monthly art walks exploring all modalities of expression within the creativity of other artists. Albeit wonderful, she continues to expand her creativity beyond into new expressions that merge together her love of tactile art, performance in the celebratory environment. Stay tuned for the next iteration of LIVING ART. You can find more of her work on her website.