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6 Incredible Summer Island Getaways in BC

For many residents of British Columbia, there’s no need to leave the province to get a taste of island life! And for visitors to the province during the hot summer months, there is a pleasing selection of beachfront holiday options available.

BC’s Best Summer Music Festivals

If you’re a music lover and are looking to book your next vacation, look no further than the following summer music festivals in BC’s beautiful mountain destinations.

Best Canada Day Parades in Western Canada

This July 1st, Canada turns 150 years old, and in celebration, cities around the country are planning to go above and beyond the usual festivities.

6 Must Visit Summer Farmers Markets in BC

Located in both small towns and big cities, regional farmers markets provide interactive opportunities for guests staying nearby to sample the region’s fresh fruits and vegetables and shop for handmade odds and ends

A Local's View of Golden: Jeff Gertsch, Heli-Skiing Guide

A true local of Golden, BC, Jeff knows exactly what it means to make the most of your surroundings.

Canadian Mountain Wildlife Photography with John E. Marriott

Canadian wildlife is as diverse as it is elusive. John Marriott has truly mastered the difficult skill and art of capturing wildlife images. Learn what it takes to get a great shot, and the issues concerning mountain wildlife today.

Meet Canadian Aerial and Landscape Photographer Douglas Noblet

From a very young age, Douglas Noblet has been capturing and sharing the beauty of our Canadian wilderness as seen from the sky. Not such a bad job, don’t you think? Read on to learn more about his amazing work.

A Local's View of Revelstoke: Jeff Honig, Heli-Skiing and Mountain Guide

So what is Revelstoke really like? Local resident, Jeff Honig, tells us all about it.

A Local's View of Parksville: Brittany, Tourism Student

Find out what a day in the life of a Parksville local entails.

A Local's View of Whistler: Cuz, Ski Rental Shop Owner

Discover the ins-and-outs of Whistler, BC, with Cuz’s local perspective.

A Local's View of Banff: Meet Julie Canning of Holiday on Horseback

Discover a local’s perspective on Banff and what it means to spend time in a Rocky Mountain community.

A Local's View of Summerland: Cathi Shaw, Author and Writing Instructor

Learn a local’s perspective of life in Summerland, BC – things to do, places to see, and what the community is all about.

A Local's View of Vernon: Gerry Marchand, Artist

Discover the art of Vernon with Gerry Marchand’s local perspective.

A Local's View of Jasper: Eddie Wong, Owner of Jasper Web Design

Find out why Eddie Wong fell in love with Jasper, and why you would too.

A Local's View of Kimberley: Rene Schupbach, Chef and Ski Guide

Learn about Kimberley from a local’s perspective. There’s more to this beautiful mountain town than you may know.

A Local's View of Mont Tremblant: Patrick Bermand, Restaurateur

Restaurant owner and chef, Patrick Bermand gives us an insider scoop of what it means to be a local of Mont Tremblant.

A Local's View of Osoyoos: Annina Hoffmeister, Owner of doLci Deli & Catering Company

For 25 years, pastries, cakes and sweets have been my life. I grew up in a small ski resort village in the Swiss Alps and when I was a young girl, I was mesmerized by the beautiful cake and dessert displays in the window of the local bakery. Little did I know that this image […]

A Local's View of Canmore: Niall Fraser, Owner of Grizzly Paw Brewing Company

How Canmore caught hold of current local, brewmaster, and craft brewery owner, Niall Fraser.

A Local's View of Fernie: Pierre Dupont, Owner of Le Grand Fromage

Out off all the ski towns Pierre has lived in, Fernie is his favourite. Find out why.

Gehringer Brothers Winery and Their Famous Icewine

Gehringer Brothers Winery is a must-see stop on the Osoyoos wine trail, with their famed icewine being the star attraction for sampling!