Winter Activities that Make Great Alternatives to Skiing!

The winter season is a skier’s heaven here in Canada! However, if you’re not a skiing-enthusiast, or are simply looking for some alternative activities when not on the slopes, there are tons of festive options available for all the family!

Winter is a wonderful chance to bundle up and enjoy the splendour of the snow-capped mountains and cold, crisp weather. While skiing is a popular option for lots of people in Canada, there are an abundance of other fantastic winter activities so you can enjoy the outdoors and make the most of winter.



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Snowshoeing is a cheap and easy way to explore hiking trails, with many places offering self-guided and guided tours around the mountains. Modern snowshoes are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre with crampons to allow easy access up and downhill, making it a perfect winter alternative to skiing and still enjoying the gorgeous views.
If you’re keen to check out snowshoeing, we offer incredible snowshoeing adventures in Whistler and other Canadian mountain destinations!


Snowmobiling is a wonderful way to enjoy the striking beauty of the backcountry during the winter season. Easily accessible for both children and adults, snowmobiling is a fun way to enjoy the pristine powder on the mountains, and wonder at the glacier peaks and frozen valleys. Many places offer options for private groups and families, and the skilled guides can pace the tours to individual needs and adventure levels.
If you want to try snowmobiling, we have a great selection of snowmobile tours in many of our Canadian mountain destinations.

Ice Skating

Frozen lakes provide an inviting natural playground where people can gather to show off their moves, race around the rink, or play a casual game of hockey. There are also opportunities to enjoy the pristine smooth ice of one of the many man-made skating rinks in Western Canada. Whatever you prefer, ice skating offers the perfect chance to enjoy the outdoors during winter and get in the festive spirit. Strap on your skates and hit the rink, finishing up with a well-deserved hot chocolate.
If you want to try ice skating, check out your local community centre, or head to natural rinks when conditions are safe – Lake Louise when frozen is a popular option. Additionally, Whistler Village offers free outdoor skating at the Olympic Plaza, and there are plenty of outdoor skating rinks in Fernie in the winter.

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding can be an exhilarating way to experience the striking winter scenery. Sledding is an accessible outdoors activity, with no prior experience necessary and many places offering a variety of levels and terrains. Your sled will be pulled by a team of enthusiastic dogs, usually Alaskan or Siberian huskies, and you may learn the commands to direct the dogs, giving you ample control over the pace of your journey. Providing a wonderful occasion to see frozen lakes, snow-covered meadows and well-groomed trails, bundle up and gain some speed on the mountains.
If you’d like to try dog sledding, we offer an amazing, ethical dog sledding adventure in Canmore with Snowy Owl Sled Dogs.

Sleigh Riding

Catch a sleigh ride and take a memorable tour around the mountains and snow-sprinkled forests. A horse drawn sleigh ride is a fun and leisurely way for folks of all ages to enjoy the winter wonderland whilst bundled up under cosy blankets on comfy padded seats. Enjoy festive postcard picturesque views and saddle up for a sleigh ride this winter.
If you want to take a sleigh ride, many places offer the chance including at Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, Grouse Mountain in Vancouver and in Banff National Park.

Wildlife Sightings

British Columbia offers many opportunities to spot beautiful wildlife in the natural landscape. From the iconic grizzly bear to wild wolves, be granted an intimate look at the habitats and behaviours of many fascinating creatures. With expert tour guides and plenty of opportunities for photographs, this is a unique way to appreciate the winter landscape and its inhabitants.
If you’d like to see some incredible wildlife we offer a year round wolfdog sanctuary tour at Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary.

Hot Springs

Nothing quite beats soaking in a hot spring during the depths of winter. This offers a lovely chance to experience a relaxing natural wonder whilst feeling cosy. Some hot springs are located in resorts, others in idyllic parks or remote areas only accessible by hiking, offering experiences tailored to individual needs. Watch the snow settle in your hair as you ensconce yourself in soothing tranquillity amidst mineral-rich caves, craggy mountains and glacial rivers.
Check out these popular hot spring pools in Revelstoke.

Gondola Rides

Catch some breathtaking views at a dizzying height with a gondola ride. A perfect activity for all ages, a gondola ride provides a fun and easy way to admire the outdoors during winter. Drift high above the snow-capped mountains and take in the sweeping views of the majestic forests and rugged coastline.
If you’re keen to take a gondola ride, we offer a magical Sea to Sky Gondola experience in Squamish, or ride the Banff Gondola to Sulphur Mountain.

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